I Killed a Grape for Valentine’s Day

Back in October 2010 I made my debut on Daneboe’s Annoying Orange channel as “KNIFE.” Daneboe just got engaged according to his Facebook account… so congratulate him!

The adorable grape is murdered by Nalts the Knife

Today I’m back in the adorable fruit’s Valentine’s Day special. iJustine plays Passion Fruit, and I play the grape-murdering knife. I feel like a wine maker.

I killed a grape and I liked it

Advance to 2:25 for my cameo, or… weight for it.

4 Replies to “I Killed a Grape for Valentine’s Day”

  1. Spelling nazi had oral surgery today and I dont feel like filling in for her. Figure out your ridiculous choice of wrong words yourself.

  2. Oh my gosh Kevin, do you need a stalker? I have ample experience with psychotic delusions of warm shmoozy subreflective pseudo experience and I love puppies too!
    For a modest fee I will sleep on your front lawn, harrass your mailman, feed your housepets and disturb your neighbors. I have tons of references and oh my gosh it would be so much fun. Love ya, Betty.

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