Economic Outlook (video montage): Better 2011, employment low until 2015

A little video montage by Jan Hatzius, chief U.S. economist for Goldman Sachs. He’s positive on 2011, but says it will take 5 years before employment returns to what we consider normal. Dug this up after hearing a few “Debby Downer” friends moan about the economy, and wondering if they were creating their own realities.

You can listen to individual chapters or the compilation (see menu in center). Or if you’re a charts/graphics guy, see this PDF report.

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  1. and just to show how serious I am, I’m looking for a ticket out of the US. So far Canada’s looks like the practical move.
    Any Canadians out there willing to offer guidance?

    much appreciated 🙂

  2. oh, c’mon people the dollar and euro are about to go under, you got crooks running free all over the financial world and no words?

    can’t do this alone

  3. Goldman Sachs gave Next New Networks (far too much) money.

    Nalts is now a part of Next New Networks.

    So Nalts blogs about some Goldman Sachs trash that wasted a part of his day and everyone thinks he has lost the plot, but are too kind to say so.

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