“Texting Fountain Fall” Lady Has Criminal Background, Will Sue

Seems that lady who fell into the mall fountain while texting (in a video that went viral, and resulted in her heartfelt news appearances) seems to have some prior convictions on her record… a few retail thefts and a hit and run.

At least she didn’t appear to get any shoplifted goodies wet. For more information on Cathy Cruz Marrero, and some other “text-while-walking fails,” see Yahoo coverage.

Here’s an audio report of Cathy’s reaction, and the fact that she’s hiring an attorney based on treatment by mall security. It’s much easier to delegate theft to a licensed attorney. (Take it from a guy who’s still feeling a cold hand nipping at his wallet).

U.S. Security Associates, the company that provides security at mall, said that a security guard responsible for sharing the video had been fired (Fox News).┬áBut we can only hope the Berkshire mall will make some safety accommodations for people unable to curtail their text obsessions. It’s a civil right, isn’t it?

Favorite coverage to date? Helen Popkin, Technolog on MSNBC, warning that the Streisand effect is kicking in. Maybe Fountain-Fail Lady and Richard Heene can co-write a book on how viral can enhance a public image.

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  1. I wonder if there’s an attorney out there who can comment on how it relates to right-of-privacy, and how it may differ if it was a regular patron (not affiliated with the shopping mall) who posted their own video recording of this same person having the accident. It’s a public mall, but also with a private property owner. So how do you distinguish that between a public space/private space issue?

  2. My take on this is the “Berkshire Mall” should get a hold of the “Sands Casino” down in Bethlehem. They have the best attorneys in the world for these supposed “slip & falls”. God knows you and your viewers enjoyed many of your harmless/hilarious prat falls. Sorry but given her history (felony charges) and the fact she couldn’t wait to expose her identify nationally (otherwise nobody would have even known who she was).. it’s a no brainer for me.

    SEE: WFMZ- Woman Who Fell In Fountain Appeared In Court Thursday

    I think CBS may just be thinking along the same lines.
    SEE: How to Fake a Fall and Get Paid

  3. They forgot to put up the “Stupid Barrier” around the fountain. She could have profitted so much more if she made tshirts and put her own YouTubeVideos.

    She should be made to do Texting PSA’s. Good thing she was not in a car.

  4. It would work like one of those electric dog fences. might have to wear a collar. (Ooo Video idea?)

    Did you contact the news outlets about your case. They usually like to do similar stories.


  5. I managed to snag an attorney friend of mine who will be sharing his comments on this for ReelSEO next week. If you any of you have any related questions on this subject, feel free to share and I’ll have them sent over to him, and see if he’ll comment for the article.

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