Eric Stonestreet’s Secret YouTube Account

Okay let’s keep this a secret, okay? Eric Stonestreet has a YouTube account. While the actor hasn’t logged in for the past year (maybe he’s busy?), it includes a delightful collection of his pre-Modern Family work. See cameos in shows you’ll recognize (and their studio’s better not issue a take-down notice), as well as this Arizona Lottery ad posted in the summer of 2009. Even more interestingly he vlogs with his friend Paul, shouting “I love you” as the poor guy returns to work. He’s also doing some shout-outs and beatboxing for peeps on YouTube. But let’s make this clear… he’s not gay.

Eric Stonestreet plays Cameron (right) on Modern Family (photo NYMag)

If you’re a fan of the actor, who plays Cameron Tucker on Modern Family, you may enjoy this Kansas State video, which shows some of Stonestreet’s undergraduate theatrical performances (circa 1996). You’ll see Stonestreet covered in complete purple for a KS recruitment video.

I think Stonestreet (Twitter) is calling himself “Stoney Pizzalot” in these videos, and showcases lots of talents that have not, to my knowledge, been seen via Cameron on Modern Family. Beat boxing? Bring it on Cameron!

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