If This is the Ad, Don’t Let the Show Return (Intel Chase Scene)

Here’s a top “viral” video that is indeed viral, and indeed an ad (2nd Generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor).

While it hasn’t met the strict definition I use (4 million within 24-48 characteristic of that Golden Voice homeless man), the Intel “Chase Scene” is past 813,000 views, and I believe it will continue to grow. Why? No blatant pitch; just great creative.

It’s got the pace of a John Woo film, depicts Matrox-like transformations from various web experiences. Our protagonist female spy darts from Facebook to video games, and even across mundane experiences like desktops and Microsoft business applications. Most importantly, the “short film” features kick ass music and a brunette on the run from a bunch of dangerous but outwitted thugs. Whether she’s diving from a building, racing in a car, or “deleting” them…. she’s got that Angeline Jolie Salt mojo, with a dash of MysteryGuitarMan imagination.

In one of the rapid-fire getaway moments, our hero dashes from a video player into a nearby getaway car... in an adjacent banner ad.

The good news, advertisers… if your “viral” clips are this good, you don’t have to buy their way to our attention via “spots” and “prerolls” (though that “one-two punch” didn’t hurt Old Spice). The bad news… Jackie Chan makes stunts look easy, but you might be too old for his moves. Even he might be too old for his moves.

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  1. Wow… What a fun spot!

    Viral or not, I’d happily watch that as an interruption to my regularly scheduled TV programming choices (which are becoming fewer and fewer these days anyway), even at 2 minutes, as posted…

    All the little “surprises” as they switched apps along the way — Google Earth to Quicktime, to gaming, to YouTube — kept me engaged throughout, and they framed it out nicely with Intel branding at the start and finish…

    The only thing I didn’t *quite* get was what viewers (customers looking for a computer upgrade, i presume?) are supposed to DO after seeing this… Call me old fashioned, but even advertising with dazzling creative like this needs a call to action…

    Thanks for posting… I will be sharing this for sure…

  2. Is this a side swipe at WHATTHEBUCKSHOW’s recent intel advert that only got 50k views in its first 2 days and only got another 30k views because it was featured on the browse page yesterday? That is cruel. Don’t you know how hard it is to get seen when you aren’t using celebrities’ names in your titles and celebrities’ pictures in your thumbnails? I keep telling you YouTube is all about exploits and deception. Furthermore, YouTube needs to feature content creators who only have one million subscribers like WTB or how else will they ever get seen and get more subscribers? So keep your snarky comments about WTB’s awful Intel advert to yourself!

    I’m just kidding, I’m sure Intel spent more on their own video than you and Buckley are going to earn this year. The price of “not buying their way” into our attention goes something like this.

    1. Pay a huge amount for the video to get made.
    2. Pay a bunch of influential tech blogs with a high Google page rank to blog your ad.
    3. Wait for a bunch of lazy tech bloggers to copy the posts.
    4. Wait for a bunch of automated keyword SEO blogs to scrape the real blogs and reproduce CPC advert-surrounded versions of them.
    5. Watch the video pop up on the Most Viral chart

    That chart is no more trustworthy than the iTunes singles chart. There are instructions online on how to make fake blogs to trick it.

    In 2008 Intel had 83,500 employees. Their current Chase advert has 6k “likes” and less than 500 comments. To me that says two things.

    1. Everyone in a family whose income depends on Intel watched the video.
    2. The video did not stir the people who watched it into action. Jackie Chan would not have helped, it needed Bruce Lee.
    “What was that? An Exhibition? We need emotional content. Now try again!”

    Expensive advanced video software is to 2011 what iMovie was to 2006, and the MGM and freddiewhosit that can afford it are only “wizards” until everyone can afford the computing horsepower to have it too. Do you remember when this was the state of the art for special effects on YouTube (1,985,461 views)

    I’m not very interested in the software content creators buy. I’m more interested in the people they buy.

    I seen the Intel Chase video on the front page of YouTube a few days ago. I’m not sure why you even consider it still newsworthy unless you and Zipster really do hate Buckley. YouTube can’t feature two gay guys on the front page at one time because the viewers start thinking about “what if” scenarios and before you know it all kinds of nasty is going on in the imaginations of housebound moms everywhere.

    So forget about that non-news. You should have blogged about MySpace’s intention to fire 47% (500 people) from its workforce announced today. You should have asked the question what did all these employees do when sites of a similar size to MySpace were running with about 150 staff max. You should have asked if all those people were being fired because the only references they had were from MySpace and the company had no way of knowing who was competent and who was a complete asshole. You should have asked, is that YouTube’s future?

    You should also have posted something about Boxxy, who is back, but different and locked out of her old YouTube even though YouTube knows who she is. You should have suggested to Intel that they could shove their special effects and blandly attractive model up their ass, because if they wanted to reach 90% of the online gamers and attention whores who are going lust after their latest greatest processor and probably truly send their message viral as side effect, she has a temporary key, but has no idea how to use it.

  3. You are hilariously cynical. I’d bet $5 that Kevin wasn’t even aware of Michael Buckley’s intel ad. I sure wasn’t.

  4. That ad was kinda fun to watch. Once. When I think of all the thousands of manhours spent to produce something as good as this so that I can spend 180 seconds on it and be amused…. I am –uh– amused. I still can’t afford a machine with an intel in it.

  5. It was a Great Video. But I think that it being on the Main Page of YouTube is probably what got it that many views, The Teaser seemed very interesting so it drew in a lot of people. It pretty much looks like the main page of YouTube is just PREMIUM Space now a days. does YouTube listen to it’s channels and users anymore?

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