WATCH The Future of Web-TV Emerge Before Your Eyes

The "coalition of the willing" of online video has been assembled

It took hours, but I’ve compiled the definitive Twitter list of those hungry for web-tv and online video. In once click, you can follow reporters, CEOs, new-media gurus, events, groups, authors, techies, potentially some annoying vendors, select creators, speakers, experts… and, well, even me.

It is, dear reader and confident, “The Coalition of the Willing” of online video.

They Cambridge “Who’s Who” of the video revolution is talking about and shaping things like time-shifted DVRs, hidebound MSOs, PayTV’s adapting, Sandy Bridge, Honeycombs (yeah), clouds, BestBuy, video portals, more clouds, video search (SEO), Slings, Netflix, Roku, iTV, Jinni, Clicker, Boxee, YouTube, video trends, user adoption, mobile video, web-TV, Videoscope, Xoom, CES, TV Everywhere, viral video, 2011 predictions, and other exciting dynamics of the unique time we’re in.

There are 350 million web-enabled TV devices projected to be sold by 2015 (source). That’s a whole lot of puddin’.

You may chose to follow the online-video coalition of the willing. Or you may wish to ignore this list, swing your head away from the accident, and wait to be surprised. But it’s going to happen whether you’re watching or not. It is happening. Toss your Blueray DVDs in a garage-sale bin, and buckle up for a ride.

Some of these hand-picked, platinum-covered cyber-humans are twitter-thorities sitting in their basements and offices 24-7, thinking about and building a future where video… Where video, damnit, dances majestically from laptop to smart phone to HDTVs. Where it’s not free, but it roams freely. Where crap and great live together in perfect harmony.

And some of these moving-picture “future builders” remain so dedicated to the cause they’re immune to nearly anything that spews from the archaic “television machines” you caveman use. Like AskANinja co-founder Kent Nichols, who just tweeted: “First time I’ve listened to the news live in a while. Amazing what a bubble that the web and DVR is.”

Oh it’s a bubble, alright, Mr. Nichols. And when it bursts, your brain’s going to explode right out of your f’ing skull.

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13 Replies to “WATCH The Future of Web-TV Emerge Before Your Eyes”

  1. The best marketing is when these idiots don’t even know there being sold. We want our free YouTube videos, why should we have to sit thorough a 30 second ad for a 45 second video. Why because it’s free bitch. In Illinois the tollway system works like this. You get an iPass and it pays the tolls. You don’t have an iPass you pay double. You don’t like the ads??? good pay double, then I make twice as much on your bitch ass. And what do you get out of it, you can sip your coffee at the truck stop and talk about how your a principles person and you won’t pay Starbucks that 2.50 for a coffee and you sure as hell wont sit through an ad to watch some video of a career marketers nephew fart in a library. After all your just too good for that. People who bitch about ads =BITCH

  2. ^ I guess that’d be me.

    I think I was born that way. I never liked ads, especially in the middle of a program. I find it rude when people leave the TV on or answer the phone when there’s company – less the call is very important or you’re watching a show together.

    Could explain a lot of things…

  3. Well I don’t disagree with you on the TV and Phone thing. What I cant understand is why you would want your name mentioned in a book written by an evil content Pre-Roller like Nalts. and to think of all the evil sell outs between pages 233 – 259. Also based on your example of Trent whatever, Nalts should have sent out all his books for free and if we liked it, we could pay for it. Wait, Nalts you are evil, why should I pay for your book?. Nalts I want a Nalts coffee mug and a Nalts Hat and A Nalts Clock. And Nalts you should send it to me for free, as not everything has to be for a profit. In fact the shipping should be free also, because I may not like the shipping service or how long it takes, and I should not have to pay for it. Come on Nalts, send me everything free. You got a free Google TV, spread the wealth. I was not at VidCon 2010 Nalts, but you were and Obama opened it up and said anyone with more than 250K subscribers has to share the wealth. And heck Nalts with all the money you and all the greedy YouTubers make, you should be able to send us poor folk free books and stuff, after all this is the problem in America, right???? Well in the words of the recent Viral Video that I am associated with NO NO No No NO NO NO NO. Ok let me go and look up farts now, I love farts. Farts Farts its not his fault, that hes a funny guy.

  4. BC- As a marketer, I see two values in ad. They subsidize our viewing, and (if well targeted) they introduce us to goods/services that are relevant to us. Hard core YouTubers resent ads because they’re getting more aggressive (non-closing pre-rolls) and in the long-run that type of advertising can produce audience fatigue and depreciated return (excessive flighting of the same ads). The resentment on “selling out” of popular YouTubers is, in my opinion, driven by the frequency of sponsored vs. non-sponsored content, and b) more importantly based on the FORCE of the promo. If it’s a soft sell, we’re fine. If it’s the ad takes central stage in the video, the video IS an ad. Maybe an entertaining one, but an ad. After a creator does a lot of consecutive campaigns where the promoted product takes center stage, they begin to erode their audience. This is happening with a few YouTube personalities in my opinion. The last 4 videos I’ve seen of theirs has been a blatant sponsorship with a marginally entertaining video (Kellogg Pop-tart campaign with lots of paid media supporting two songs about, well, pop-tarts). The brands got more at the expense of the YouTubers (unless they were SUPER well compensated).

  5. A very professorial take on it Nalts. This might force creators to make more demanding content indeed. But when the interest in the content is so demanding i.e Super Bowl/Shaytards/RWJ the last thing on the viewers mind is an Ad. But and Ads purpose is to sell, and the strongest sales technique is Always Be Closing, to sell the product, with out the buyer even known their being sold. I sat here one night watching many of your old (Nalts) videos. The same Allstate insurance ad ran each time. I did not care, as my interest in watching your videos, surpassed my (do I give a shit) about a 30 second ad. I will also ad that I then went to Allstate Dot Com for a quote to see if it was cheaper than my current insurance. So it worked. Your blog is great, but the people who read it, are the modern day version of the old people who kept their rotary phone, well after touch tone, was out. Their the ones who will still buy CD’s 5 years from now, because they don’t want to contribute to music sources such as iTunes. Their the same ones who feel there is no need for facebook. The point I make and this has to be known in the marketing world. The Googles and Facebooks are not interested in the very small population that make up the exceptions. Theres always going to be these outcast that say “I’m not paying for that bla bla bla. But it don’t matter. I would be willing to stake my life, that the majority of viewers are 25 and under on YouTube. That’s the futures. Urgo made a video last night talking about how the person with out facebook is not with the times. If I am wrong, then I am wrong, but you know these bit tuebers personally and, I don’t think they lose sleep at night because of these “AdBlock Hippy’s”

  6. Why are you so angry, BuddhaCharlie? And why do you keep misrepresenting other people by making ridiculously exaggerated and inaccurate caricatures of their statements?

    Just because you don’t mind watching 30 seconds of the same ad over and over and over for 45 seconds videos, doesn’t mean other people have the same tolerance. Even Nalts hates the pre-rolls. For some of us, the content is not worth enduring repetitive and aggressive marketing.

    If you feel like the “AdBlock Hippy’s” [sic] are insignificant, why do you waste your time yelling at them? It’s hard to take you seriously when you’re being so rude and intentionally obtuse. In fact, if I thought you were more sophisticated than I assume you are, I would think you are trolling.

  7. Well to answer your question Why? Why? Why? it’s because I can. I can because the owner of this blog allows and open form. In the even he did not, he could delete my comments and or ask me to stop posting, and since I respect the owner of the blog, I would do so. In the mean time, I will post. I am not going to say that Nalts does, or does not like pre-rolls. However the last time I checked, all or most of his videos have pre-rolls. As far as trolls and or trolling, though I am neither. The word is used too freely. However I will say that not everybody on YouTube rises to fame from being the most loved or the one with the cutest kids. There are actually some very in-famous people on YouTube who made a very nice full time living the past couple of years from pissing people off. Some might say it’s hard to take IShatOnU seriously, however he raked in the cash in 2010. And it was not his extend perfect vocabulary, that he uses to BLOG with. Why am I here, because the creator of this blog, is a fellow YouTube Content Partner. Who inspired me to become a YouTube Partner, when he quit his job and a fortune 100 company, when home and took a sharpie, wrote DO WHAT YOU LOVE on his chest and ripped his F**K**G Shirt off and made what most would call a fool of himself. I read his post, and people like you with no creativity, but great writing skills. Try and belittle the YouTube community IMO, and then belittle a person by me, by saying I’m not sophisticated. Creativity is the sophistication of the 21st century. So keep blogging, and watching your broadcast TV, see how sophisticated you are in 5 years.

  8. BuddhaCharlie, Kevin has mentioned written numerous times about pre-rolls and his distaste for them. Read his post The Fourth Generation of Online-Video Advertising for example. And yes, he puts them on his videos since they make good money. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I don’t feel obligated to voluntarily watch the pre-rolls in order to support him. (I don’t think he minds. Ask him yourself sometime if he thinks I’m a worthless parasite.)

    If making an ass of yourself is your modus operandi, then go for it; I have no problems with that. I do resent the way you’ve been denigrating people on here though and making baseless assumptions.

    What do you know at all about me or my level of creativity, for example? Very little, I suspect. I’ve linked (click my name) to my most recent video (which was a while ago, before I got overwhelmed with school last semester) so you can judge my creative talents for yourself (Don’t worry, it’s only 32 seconds long and ad-free!).

    I’m certainly not trying to belittle the YouTube community. While I can’t stand many of the popular creators (mostly for the reason so many of them are popular — shameless appeal to the lowest common denominator), they have their place and I’m content to simply ignore them and enjoy the smaller communities Nalts has opened my eyes to. Hey, I was even at VidCon last year.

    I don’t currently blog nor do I watch TV. No plans to become sophisticated any time soon, but I do hope to graduate within the next 5 years.

  9. Alexis, well you got one up on me, as I missed VidCon last year. I believe that Nalts is the glue between the big and little community’s on YouTube. If YouTube was a country, and hey one day it may be LOL. He would be the perfect president. Now if anyone here disagrees, with the exception of Nalts himself, then I will sell my computers and flip cam and retire. Nalts for President 2012 Free Mugs for all

  10. Ha! I’d might vote for him for kicks and giggles, but Nalts would probably be a disaster as a president considering his general lack of interest in politics, introverted personality, ADD, and rather poor fiscal management skills. I think he would do better as a royal prince who has minimal responsibilities and who can keep the tabloid readers entertained.

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