Biggest and Most Organized Online-Video & YouTube Community Event

There are loads of social media events, and many YouTube “community gatherings,” meetups and online video events. But the “South By Southwest” of online-video and YouTube is¬†indisputably¬†VidCon. Organized by Hank and John Green (vlogbrothers), the event in 2010 drew hundreds of community members, top “YouTube Stars,” and Nerdfighters (the active people who rally to reduce the world of “suck”). It also included lots of on-stage entertainment that was shared widely online. VidCon 2011 is planned for July 28-30 in San Francisco, California. Early bird discount if you book before Jan. 10, and the hotel is Hyatt Regency Central Plaza.

Here are some highlights of 2010’s VidCon to give you a flavor. It’s focused on viewers and creators, but does attract industry folks and marketers (and has a special industry track). Unlike some popular YouTube love-festivals where “big YouTubers” are VIP, this one is quite egalitarian.

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  1. Kevin, Jackie and I have industry passes. As exited as we are to meet ShayCarl, and to ask Phil Defranco to unblock me on twitter. We must admit that meeting Nalts was the icing on the cake, however it seems by this post that Nalts will be in the city By The Bay eating clamchowder out of sour dough bread bowls at pier 39 in San Francisco. LOL sorry man had to bust your balls about that. See you in L.A in July man.

  2. I caved into the “you shouldn’t have to pay for a gathering” campaign last year and didn’t end up going in 2010 but I did secure my ticket for vidcon 2011 a few days ago. Should be fun I think. Just have to book my flight now.

  3. Oh right, as with BuddhaCharlie I ended up getting the industry pass as well. I was considering sxsw at first and when comparing that ticket to this one it looked really cheap.

  4. Jan you’re a great curator. If I see it, I always watch what you find. And this one is so interesting it’s the first video I put into my queu thing on YouTube. I want to watch it on my AppleTV. Oh the appletv doesn’t show my queu does it?

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