Barbie Sees You When You’re Sleeping (FBI Alert)

The FBI issued an alert for “Barbie Video Girl” (see Barbiecam on Amazon), according to MyFoxPhoenix. Barbie has a camera on her chest (right above her size Ds) and a small LCD on her back. The controversy (see NBC) concerns how pedophiles might use the camera. Mattel isn’t planning on changing her. Would you?

Speaking of video equipment, I launched a new blog about digital video camcorders and cameras. It’s called “ShootLikePro” and will focus on decent gear for enthusiasts without big budgets or time for manuals. Click for a visit. It’s an interim blog unless people interact and I don’t get bored. I was researching options and figured I’d share my learnings so far.

Click to see my spinoff blog (experiment) focusing on video/photography production without breaking budget