YouTube Allows Special Tubers To Post Past 15 Minutes

YouTube will now allow hand-picked compliant Tubers to post clips longer than 15 minutes.

“This is incredible news to me, and I plan to post more than 24 hours of footage a day,” said Charles Trippy in a quote I made up. “I’ll now be able to post footage from 5 different cameras and allow viewers to select what angle they view of my day.”

The vlogger, who has been posting every day for the past 4 years (estimate) will also take advantage of the increased free bandwidth by posting his entire library of outtakes.

“There were 72 minutes of mistakes from my celebrated “Puppy vs. Mirror” video that have not seen light of day,” continued Trippy in my fake interview. “I’m thrilled, and I know my sock accounts will rate my additional footage “thumbs up.”

11 Replies to “YouTube Allows Special Tubers To Post Past 15 Minutes”

  1. wow soo yeah when i first saw that massage on my upload screen i was all like happy and so on cuz i though i entered the partner program ( applied for it the day earlier) soo yeah it was a major bummer when i found out i hadn’t aww oh well

  2. you are comic genious… i can only imagine that this is just only a very small fraction of what goes on inside your head, interviews, award ceremonies, television shows, vidcon, newspaper articles…… lol!

  3. If you remember (dunno, he might even still have it up) but long before people could upload really long videos trippy had a 12 hour or so long video up that was so long it broke the youtube player so your made up quite isn’t too far off 😉

    That being said, I made a video about this friday too.. I think its a great thing to HAVE, I just hope people don’t abuse it. Editing out the boring stuff is still key 🙂

  4. Er, ah, well I uploaded a couple of 30-minute videos to Youtube a couple of years ago. I thought everybody always could as long as you keep the file size under 1 gig. No?

  5. Oh. Okay. I see now. My comments here are blocked if I use my Youtube or blogspot web address for “Website” but not if I use my Facebook address. That’ll work too.

  6. Marquis- Did it work? I hate to think that WordPress is censoring you again. Common! Don’t they know who you are by now? Yeah I didn’t know this was new. Maybe it’s not new. Maybe it’s just official?

  7. If I recall, many moons ago youtube had ‘director’ accounts (before partners) and those accounts could upload as long as they wanted. They shut those down before I started really using the site I know and all new accounts were only able to upload 10 minutes. Perhaps you had one of those accounts Marquis?

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