Google Chrome Engineers: Step Away from the Camera

This is a real Google Chrome operating system promotion created by engineers and posted on YouTube. The good news? They set a low bar for consumers to create their own YouTube commercials. And maybe that thankless job of being a Google marketer will improve, as the product and engineer-driven company may finally recognize marketing as a non-trivial function. Sadly Google’s high GPA requirement means no great marketer or sales person can ever work for the software company.

As of this writing, Steve Hall (AdRants) has not yet attacked this video.

6 Replies to “Google Chrome Engineers: Step Away from the Camera”

  1. Or you can checkout the real marketing materials:
    You’re right, this bar was set pretty low (intentionally?). Maybe Nalts can leave the retirement home to make a better commercial?

    Keep in mind, the beginning of this ‘chromercial’ accurately describes my visits with family (resonates with the audience…engineers).

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