Darwinian Evolution: Forwards and Backwards

Having been hunched over a laptop for about 18 of the past 24 hours (and since a Sony Google TV is on route as a gift), I thought this image would be appropriate for my blog banner. What do you think?

Feel free to use it in your next presentation. It’s adapted from the Darwin evolutionary image (source unknown), and I created the “sitting laptop man” based on some posture clip art. Then added a cell phone to primitive man, and a laptop to our ape ancestors.

Admit it… we’re just a few evolutionary moves away from being giant pieces of fat and flesh with tiny opposable thumbs for texting and remote controls.

The evolution and devolution lifecycle, illustrated

7 Replies to “Darwinian Evolution: Forwards and Backwards”

  1. The new design looks better. The header area especially seems less busy. I suggest putting your video thumbnails back on the right under the Twitter feed.

    “(source unknown)”

    You got me curious about who, indeed, created this endlessly parodied image. I don’t know who first made the silhouetted simplification, but the original, at some point nicknamed “March of Progress,” was by Rudolph Zallinger for Time-Life Books’ _Early Man_ by F. Clark Howell (1965).

    Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/March_of_Progress_%28illustration%29

  2. I hope you do an UN-boxing video of it. Hmm I have wondered what BuddhaCharlie would look like on a Sony Google TV. Guess Ill never know. #crawlsincornerandcries

  3. Hey, Kevin. If you want the evolutionary banner to be anatomically correct, the de-evolved apes with the technology should be markedly FATTER.

  4. Although this one had a strange appeal to me:

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