Ice Age’s “Scrat” Reacts to Drunk German Squirrel

Ice Age's prehistoric saber-toothed squirrel who is addicted to crack cocaine.

The ‘demon squirrel’ clip (below) has become a smash hit on the internet, according to the UK Telegraph. It’s been seen more than one million times, and is attracting a slew of critical and positive comments. The video is part of the Kremlin’s toughest anti-alcohol campaign, and was released after President Dmitry Medvedev described the country’s drinking problem as “a national disaster.”

Meanwhile on states side, reactions to the animated squirrel have been negative, including criticism by the poster animal for the anit-drug campaign initiated by Nancy Reagan.

“I recognize the clip is meant to be cautionary tale about the effects of binging on alcohol,” said Scat (pictured, right), who played a crack-cocaine lit squirrel on ICE AGE, by 20th Century Fox.

“But seriously- that nappy-haired, poorly animated piece of Pixar crap is teaching us nothing,” Scat added, while rubbing his nose spastically and screaming for his pimp. “I’ve done three films and I’m being considered by James Cameron for a cameo in Avatar 3. F that little Пиздец!”

Your Drunk Uncle Squirrel

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7 thoughts on “Ice Age’s “Scrat” Reacts to Drunk German Squirrel”

  1. @nalts The original article has poor punctuation of the quote, causing momentary confusion. However, your excerpt unfairly makes the speaker sound stupid with “binging on alcohol and vodka” (?!) instead of “binging on alcohol and vodka, Russia’s national tipple, in particular.” The original *should* have been “binging on alcohol–and vodka, Russia’s national tipple, in particular.”

    I’m with you on the annoying autoplay.

  2. @Alexis The article says what some of the Russian “nonsensical monologue” means.

    >>He talks about “chasing spiders up the walls” and finishes up by offering to kill his neighbour’s wife because she is “the devil.”

    >>“Are you a boozer?” the deranged squirrel asks in the finale. “Then I am coming around to your place.” <<

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