2011 Prediction 6-9 Trillion Display Ads Seen by 45 People

comScore today announced that in the third quarter of this year (3Q 2010) about 1.3 trillion Internet display advertisements were served to people in the U.S. (a 22% growth from the same period in 2009).

We were too lazy to register to download the report, but not so lazy as to avoid making “wild, unfounded generalizations and predications” based only on that one piece of data…

  • In 2011 6-9 trillion display ads will be seen, with a 32% growth in online-video ads.
  • More than 95% of the ads will never be seen by human eyes
  • Of the 5% of ads that are actually seen in the U.S., 54.7% of those won’t be in the U.S.
  • Just 45 people will see the ads: a staggering 95% of some previous subsegment of the 6-9 trillion ads served.
  • 76.4% of the remaining ads will be seen by high-school kids ages 12-18 who impact .04% of the gross domestic product.

Now here’s what the report will really offer, with italics in my words.

  • The story behind Facebook’s staggering growth (everything edited out of Social Networking: the movie).
  • New strategies and innovative ad sizes offered by publisher (words like “target” and “accountable” and “ROI” will be included, and some sample ad formats will show how to be advertisers can ride publishers like a drunk Texas cowboy on a wounded Mexican steer).
  • Category-level trends and insights (both industries covered: financial, travel AND consumer-packaged goods).
  • Advertising success stories of mid-sized and niche publishers (including data that’s so powerful it’s almost as real as the 3D Yogi Bear… but less interesting).
  • Tools to generate more sales leads and evaluate competition (tricks like “put together a white paper, demand registration, then call the person 5 times in the next consecutive 11 days”).

Oh I’m just teasing comScore. But about the lower-case C…

4 Replies to “2011 Prediction 6-9 Trillion Display Ads Seen by 45 People”

  1. “Just 45 people will see the ads: a staggering 95% of some previous subsegment of the 6-9 trillion ads served.”


  2. I love it when reports subsegment so that they can list a high number (like 95%), which is deceptive… it’s actually 95% of the left-handed internet users in Maine… but it looks higher because it’s, well, 95%. Math joke in next zipster/nalts video JUST for you. I think that’s what we were talking about. Your ridicule of my “exponential” line.

  3. I like math jokes. Here’s a good one:

    Do you know any clever anagrams for “Banach-Tarski”?
    Sure! “Banach-Tarski Banach-Tarski”
    (Ahhahahahahaa! Get’s me every time.)

    Here’s one more on your level:

    What does a mathematician do when he’s constipated?
    He works it out with a pencil.

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