You’re Ugly

Oh sorry. I wasn’t speaking to you. I was talking to the blog.

Would value your tips on improving the look and experience of this blog. I used to enjoy interacting more with commenters, but now “new comments” has been demoted visually beneath the big book.

So a few thoughts, and welcome yours:

1) More photos, shorter copy. That’s on me.

2) Better masthead. This one’s too salesy and big. Quirky but professional , and aesthetic would be better. Anyone good at that?

3) Community first… make it easy to comment from any profile and encourage it… I may be able to customize Thesis to do that. But if you know of a newer and better wordpress plugin/theme please let me know.

Thanks! I really want a simple visual cue on what new blog posts are generating comments… Sorting “most read” blog posts is good for the noob but I’m more interested in the loyalists.

P.S. As Uncle Seth sayz, less is more. This thing’s a bit too overwhelming maybe.


12 Replies to “You’re Ugly”

  1. Oh, sorry I haven’t been commenting lately, Nalts. I’ve gotten boring, and consequently no fun anymore, it seems. I apologize. I am well aware that just nothing can be a party without Reubnick, and I lost sight of that.

  2. Gosh, that picture of you in the banner speaking or whatever is seriously pretentious and creeping me out. Makes you look like a damned politician or something.

  3. when I was a tyke someone told me a joke, I think the punch line was stick a hat on him and put him in front of the window

    I never understood the joke and I can’t remember it now, but they thought it was really funny.

  4. Your blog is more successful than any of mine so I should be asking you what looks better but I like the banner art on my blogspot blog better. It has like 87 Photoshop levels and tells a story. People love stories. Other than that, yeah, I agree with BuddhaCharlie: more cowbell.

    P.S. When I’m leaving comments, it won’t let me put in my Youtube channel page address in the “Website” box. I sure wish it would.

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