YouTube 15 Minutes and What I REALLY Think

What happens when the 15-minutes-of-fame clock expires?

I love YouTube’s grand-pappy,¬†Zipster08, for capturing my uncensored thoughts about the 15-minutes of YouTube fame, and the “star arch” of weblebrities.

I didn’t know he was taping it at first. Even when he told me… I just kept it real. Why self sensor ? After all, I probably ran out of Adderall on purpose.

Here’s part two. For parts one (and soon part 3) check Zipster08‘s account. What will happen to Shaycarl and ShaneDawson? How does MichaelBuckley keep pulling a “Madonna”? What’s behind a “star” persistence? Vanity? Drive? Passion? Love for the medium?

Sure it’s “poop… in and out… forever.” But it’s an insightful and positive discussion on “Internet fame” at the same time.

5 Replies to “YouTube 15 Minutes and What I REALLY Think”

  1. Wait…. people are commenting here!? Alexis- by Madonna I mean reinventing. Being popular, then somehow managing to do it again with a new generation.

  2. Yes I spen 16 hours a day watching YouTube and creating stupid videos of my own. This is my life, it is all I do. Not a joke, it’s all I do.

  3. The word is censor not sensor, unless you keep probes on your person that we don’t know about.

    What you are discussing is a symptom of YouTube’s chosen direction, which is to focus on professionally made premium content from studios.

    Independant YouTubers are no longer welcome on the honors page and will be penned into unpromoted areas as lowkey, unskilled laborers to cheaply maintain a large base of (individually insignificant) traffic tributaries that all funnel into the the huge river of traffic reserved for longform premium content.

    A few “docile” familiar faces will be kept on the honors page to prevent both panic and the mobilization of any resistance while the ovens are loaded and the property “reallocation” takes place.

    Eventually YouTube will remove these mascots as well. There are not needed on Hulu. They shouldn’t fool themselves into thinking that they are needed on YouTube. They will have to stretch their 30 pieces of silver a long way after the axe falls and their role in solving the “youTube wabble wouser” problem becomes obvious to everyone.

    There is no arc. There is nothing natural or fair about YouTube. It is a basic Content Management System that assigns a “weight” to every piece of content. The sugar-coated content from the mascots is floated to the top regardless of its popularity. The “difficult” content is weighed down so its sinks, regardless of it popularity.

    There are no “star” arcs on YouTube. “Stars” are taken out and placed on top of the Christmas Tree as long as it serves the site’s purpose and then they are put back in the box when they are no more use.

    As always, I am really Happyslip, and my latest video has been sent out to youtube’s 23,648,294 followers on Facebook. How do you like that arc? I can’t sink, because YouTube will not permit it, (at least until they have no further use for me).

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