T-Mobile Airport A Cappella: Everything But ImprovEverywhere

Hard to criticize this lovely video featuring surprised passengers in Heathrow Airport being surprised by a cappella songs in every genre. Part of T-Mobile’s Life’s For Sharing campaign.
I just wish they’d partnered with or acknowledged Charlie Todd (author of Causing a Scene) because he kinda invented (or at least popularized) this type of video.

4 Replies to “T-Mobile Airport A Cappella: Everything But ImprovEverywhere”

  1. causing a scene jumps the shark.

    predictions on the next shark jumper?

    I have no to stats to back this up, however, once something jumps the shark the door is open again for something new to come through, any ideas?

  2. Don’t you love how everyone in London is smiling and laughing — but you go to JFK and people would pummel you!?!?

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