Improve Your Friday With Batman’s Fake Shark

Are you enjoying your Friday afternoon? Well here’s my gift to you to improve it. Batman and Robin fight the fakest shark ever. Now a free piece of cheese for anyone who can find me a video clip of Batman telling Robin, “drunks are people too” as they decide to not toss a bomb into a bar.

No batman since adam west knew how to beat the crap out of a fake shark

Tell me, dear friends… Did Christian Bale ever kick a fake shark’s ass? How about Val Kilmer? Nope even¬†Michael Keaton didn’t carry bad-ass shark¬†repellent.

And I’ve always had a thing for Batman because he was the only super hero who had no magical powers. Just an assload of money and free time. And a sidekick, butler and city commission as his personal bee-atches.

One Reply to “Improve Your Friday With Batman’s Fake Shark”

  1. If I were BatMan in that picture, I would have been concerned for the safety of my balls. However, to keep calm, I would have sang, PIGGY IN THE RAIN PIGGY IN THE RAIN PIGGY PIGGY PIGGY PIGGY PIGGY IN THE RAIN

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