I Wuv You (pig video)

I love you. No I WUV you. It’s a rainy Friday morning. What else are you going to do? Make a hypnotic and overly cute pig video with your wife’s sqeeked voice. Duh.

Here’s the song “i wuv you” and you have complete rights to use it anyway you wish. Download it, and let me know what you do with it!

Now kids pay attention. This is a desperate attempt to manufacture viral, and comes with great risks. The goal was to squeeze as much cute into 52 seconds, but ensure I spent no more than 1 hour between concept and upload (and that’s counting the custom score). You know my rule… time spent on a video is inversely related to views (my Scary Maze, shot in 25 minutes, is at 23 million). At least I’m transparent.

4 Replies to “I Wuv You (pig video)”

  1. Ok Nalts, here is what I did with the I WUV YOU Song, my dog was not happy that I woke him in the middle of the night to this, nor was my wife who was on the bed with a pillow over her face so the 100WT clamp light would not blind her. My mask was turned the wrong way, hence the wight as compared to dogs black. Enjoy.

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