5 Replies to “An Interview You See On Video With Me for People Here”

  1. It was odd seeing you gesticulating with just your right arm. It gave the impression that your left arm was in a cast/sling or something.

  2. BuddhaCharlie – Kevin Nalty is a smart, multi-faceted man. The humorous videos he produces resonate with a broad spectrum of people on-line around the world. Now you’ve seen another side of him.

    Alexis – I was constraining one of Kevin’s arms by standing near him during the interview. I’m sure he just didn’t want to risk hitting me.

    Kevin – thanks for the video and the photo. I plan to post both with a review of Beyond Viral.


  3. Linda,

    It was a great interview, and I could not agree with you more. Kevin represent what the future and the NOW of marketing needs to be. I’m 35 today, and have dealt with many on Kevin’s corporate level, but I never last long because they take themselves to serious, and can not laugh at themselves. Don’t tell Kevin, but I think 10 years from now, he will be looked at and looked back upon as an important figure in the way the marketing world turns. Wait perhaps hill become so big, he could give me a job cleaning the toilets in his office !!!

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