Television Is the New Internet (AdAge)

According to Adage writer Vinny Minchillo, the “beauty of TV and radio advertising is that when your spot is running, you own the channel. You have someone’s undivided intention. They have to take a physical action to avoid your message.”

The 9 voicemails I got from politicians also had my undivided attention. Turns out they had the undivided attention of so many people locally they brought the phone system to its knees.

I think I’ll take a “physical action” to avoid all messages and go for a walk in the woods.

2 Replies to “Television Is the New Internet (AdAge)”

  1. In the old days when I had satellite TV I’d usually use commercials as a quick break to use the restroom, get up and get something, or to do a quick chore around the house. As for all the political phone calls I was bombarded with this last week, I just ignored them. I have my answering machine set to two rings and then it asks the caller to identify himself or herself before I answer. Most of the recorded calls I got were from Meg Whitman begging for my vote! LOL

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