YouTube Marketing: Not Just for Greedy Corporate Peeps

Thanks to Think Media TV and Life in Student Ministry for reviewing my book, Beyond Viral, and how the tips can help non-profits, charities and ministries not just corporate promotions. It’s nice to hear how Sean and Tim (their YouTube accounts linked by name) are using my book for good not evil. 🙂

Click below image to hear what parts of the books they found useful for non-profits and faith-based education. I’m really excited to think about the book helping such worthy causes as the spiritual development of kids.

Thanks also to Buddha Charlie for documenting his purchase of the book!

Ministries use youtube promotion to help charities and non-profits

2 Replies to “YouTube Marketing: Not Just for Greedy Corporate Peeps”

  1. And don’t forget, Nalts:

    Beyond Viral is good for the environment!

    It’s not, strictly speaking, a hardcover book; it’s a library binding book. There’s no wasteful paper dust jacket.

    Back the green while you’re pursuing greenbacks. Buy 100 copies of Beyond Viral today and throw them out (or burn them), so they’ll print millions more copies, and help the environment more and more! It’s a no-brainer.

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