Thanks for the Book Plug, Rhett & Link, Shaycarl and Others

While I’m blogging about people who read my Beyond Viral book, I’d like to thank Rhett & Link for the product placement. Aren’t they cute? They called it an “insightful tome,” and not just because they’re in this fancy hardback book. They also mentioned Daisy Whitney’s “Mockingbirds.”

Rhett and Link With "Beyond Viral," by Kevin Nalts Nalty

So did the SweetestVegan (see video on Dailymotion). And Shaycarl showed himself purchasing the book at Barnes & Noble, although I can’t find the video. Oh and here’s one by Kiddsock. And BuddhaCharlie. Oh and here’s one of me with a cheesy mustache.

I made a YouTube playlist for all books discussing Beyond Viral… even negative reviews are welcome! 🙂

10 Replies to “Thanks for the Book Plug, Rhett & Link, Shaycarl and Others”

  1. you wrote a book?

    I sure hope you gave some sort of appropriate reward to the poor git who had to copy edit the draft. You know, like a Nalts hat or something.

  2. O my god, I feel like such a PIG, no reference to pigOfNalts. I did not see this Kevin, thank you for your note of my review, and so close to ShayCarl’s name. Also @jischinger thank you.

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