6 Replies to “Confessions of My Clown Phobia”

  1. For a screamer, that really wasn’t that scary. That clown didn’t even scream, it just sort of growled warningly. I don’t even think that clown had it in him to stab me. It’s like a dog guarding a bone, really.

  2. Also, what’s with the random Voodoo guy just hanging out to your side? Plus, that other thing just looks like a Scooby Doo villain. This was really strange.

  3. What does that clown even have against me? This video more offends me than it does scare me. That clown has no right to wield a knife at somebody like myself, who is a complete stranger to him! I’ve been thinking about that for the past few days. That clown is way out of line, Nalts.

  4. Yeah. Looks like my sister in the morning. Knife and all, bad makeup included. Don’t do drugs kids.

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