AskANinja is Back with a (neck) TWIST

Where’s AskANinja been? Depressed and eating pie, but far, far more. His delightful return song tells it all… and celebrates the hiatus with pomp and circumcision. He’s back now (thank NewTeeVee for the heads up), and with quite a twist and bang. Watch him shoot up the YouTube’s most-subscribed list like WheezyWaiter on steroids. Discover why this duo (show creators Nichols and Sarine) was the meme of 2006, and will show that even memes can pull Madonnas (reinvention).

As you enjoy this song recapping his 10-month hiatus, you can’t help but think “please kill Alex, please kill Alex.”

And you won’t be disappointed. Go subscribe. He kills Zaboo (Sandeep Parikh) from The Guild in this episode, featuring a most salacious music video with Felicia Day and Parikh powning “real life.” (The Guild producer Kim Evey > her husband Mediocrefims Greg Benson)

I can only hope Sxephil or Shaycarl are next to have their necks twisted. ]

“YouTube seems to be the platform right now that not only has social currency of an immense amount of viewers, but is also finally a place where an independent middle-class creator like [Ask a Ninja] can really monetize,” Nichols told NewTeeVee. “And you can also take that audience and that somewhat stable income and apply it to merchandising and touring and other good stuff.”

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