FREE “Cliff’s Notes” of My YouTube-Marketing Book

Beyond Viral: All the benefits of Ambien without side effects

So you’re too busy to buy a copy of my book (Beyond Viral), but maybe want a quick scan of the topics? Here are some of the key points addressed in each of the 18 chapters… these digital documents also identify the many experts who contributed to the book.

The cheat guide to Beyond Viral

From Daisy Whitney (This Week in Media), Mark Robertson (ReelSEO) and Ben Relles (Barely Political/Next New Netowkrs)… to  “YouTube Stars” like CharlesTrippy, VenetianPrincess, RhettandLink, ShayCarl, Mediocrefilms, and Daneboe/Annoying Orange. Thanks to all of you!

Here’s the Beyond Viral ( on Scribd and Slideshare.

It’s called a “sneak preview,” but I hope you’ll read it and consider picking up the actual book. There was no way I could have summarized it in 5-20 pages because the book has loads of examples and details.

5 Replies to “FREE “Cliff’s Notes” of My YouTube-Marketing Book”

  1. Nalts – I was thrilled to be a part and help… Thanks for the shoutout. Ive read most of the book already – excellent, comprehensive, and actionable. Love it. Ok, me go poop now.

  2. The last book I read on online video wasn’t very helpful. It basically said ‘try this, and try that, and see what happens’ when clearly the subtext was ‘if you’re friends with the popular people it will take you far.’ lol

  3. Last night I was finally able to find the book at my local book store.

    I got it home and looked inside: It wasn’t one of the copies you’d secretly autographed.

    I’ll try again tomorrow.

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