Katie Perry’s Playdate With Elmo Was Censored by PBS

PBS ceded to parents who complained that the Katie Perry & Elmo “Hot and Cold” parody showed a little more skin that kids should see. Was it a calculated media draw, or are parents just over reacting? After all, Elmo is nude.

Here’s the clip, which PBS is permitting Katie to use. But don’t look for it on PBS brought to you by the letters XXX.

Author: Nalts

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11 thoughts on “Katie Perry’s Playdate With Elmo Was Censored by PBS”

  1. While at first I was a little shocked that they showed Katy Perry with a low cut dress, but I guess she could have wore something much worse. Anyways, its up to the parent whether slightly revealing clothing effects their children or not.

  2. How about a top-ten list for CENSORED Sesame Street collaborations?

    10. “Elmo’s Bad Touch” featuring The Bloodhound Gang.

  3. hmmm not sure how to feel “katie perry” < is that character, but it IS a kid show… so maybe a different outfit would have been a better choice. and maybe Sesame street should have known and costumed her better…

  4. Dude you have no quran. Umm Katie hangs with LisaNova, and Lisanova was in a video with me. So you’re three degrees of separation from Elmo if you’re reading this.

  5. Forget Katie Parry; Elmo was totally naked throughout the entire video. Full frontal Muppet nudity at around 0:45… scandalous!

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