Nalts in Annoying Orange

Hey Kevin, sorry to hijack your blog, but I promised daneboe I would make sure you knew if he offered you another chance to be in Annoying Orange.

I’ve already emailed you, texted you, and left a message in your voicemail, but I’ve still got a few more tricks up my sleeve just in case you miss all of those. Hopefully you’ll get the message before I start using more drastic measures. I’ll give you a couple of days.


5 Replies to “Nalts in Annoying Orange”

  1. I remember when I missed the email DaneBoe sent ME, Reubnick, about being in the Annoying Orange! What a bummer!

    Or at least I’d like to think that’s the reason I haven’t been in an episode as apposed to the fact that I am a youtube nobody that DaneBoe probably hasn’t even really heard of. It’s the little bends of truth that keep me happy.

  2. YYYEEYYYEYYYEYE!!! Reubnick I think you would have been an adorable roasted marshmellow in Saw2. I think I’m gonna send daneboe some unsolicited clips of my kids screaming… in case he needs some bite-size screams.

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