Me and Alec Baldwin

So Alec Baldwin and I are working on this clean air video together, and we light up a cuban. I say, “‘Lec baby- I think I need to see more 30 Rock and less Juror.” He goes all mental on me, but I giggle because I can’t stop thinking of Schweaty balls.

Nalts with Alec Baldwin. I SWEAR I didn't use Photoshop on this picture.

Oh wait, that didn’t happen. But we’re still in  a video together about clean air, so you’re like 2 degrees of separation from him… and Katie Couric, Clinton Kelly, the cast of Fringe, and Tom Green and Paula Deen. Then there are the famous YouTube peoplemore people, but they don’t really count in the real world.

What? I stalk stars because I want to. Not because I need to. I can stop anytime.

Oh hackin… I dropped a few names. Anybody mind picking them up?

If you don’t like this video by Repower America then you hate the planet and you can’t have any more of my air. Geez I hope my appearance in this video doesn’t represent a “conflict of interest” with my side job as BP’s spokesperson. Pesky “conflicts of interest” thingies.

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