Weirder Book Comments Anyone?

So the book site (BeyondViral) is pretty darned live for this weeks’ official release.

From now on, if you put your hands in this position you're stealing intellectual property.

Now c’mon WillVideoForFood “backrowers.” You’ve done majestically on Amazon’s ratings. Let’s show David M. Scott (he’s like the Fred of social media) how fun people respond to blogs. He and Steve Garfield helped get me into Wiley’s New Rules for Social Media, and he’s blogged about Beyond Viral. Who’s got some comment humor in him. Rumor has it even Sukatra’s got WVFF access from her phone.

Who wants to read thoughtful reactions to literature? I’m guessing David M. Scott has never experienced a mathematical correction from Alexis (apparently “exponential” is not what I think), a bowel joke from Nutcheese or a Reubnick quip. Jan’s probably got a funky political angle. Here’s hoping Marquisdejolie links back one of his bazaar videos, a term I’d use more often but for Maryln. What ya got Punchy, Zack, Coffin, JimmerSD? How about my sisters and bro? They visit. Really.

I got a few notes that the book is in stores, which tells me either:

  • This isn’t some elaborate prank on me, or a dream.
  • Or that I’m still dreaming

Wow. I blog in my dreams? That’s kinda lame.

Amazon sent me a gift certificate for free copies, but I think I’m going to use it to buy a remote-controlled airplane toy with a video camera instead.

4 Replies to “Weirder Book Comments Anyone?”

  1. OMG, look at that Marilyn! He may have used “bazaar” instead of “bizarre” and misspelled your name, but he finally got “c’mon” right.

    I’ve been wondering what the publishing date means too. I could have gotten Beyond Viral in the mail from Amazon at as early as Tuesday (Sept. 14) and it has been at my local Barnes & Noble for few days at least.

    I promise I’ll go bug Mr. Scott later today, but I gotta get to class in a little bit.

  2. You beat me to it, Alexis!! I am so verklempt over the correct usage of “c’mon”, FINALLY, that I can almost overlook the wrong usage of “bazaar” and the misspelling of my name. Notice I said ALMOST. You are finally listening to me Kevin, even if only a little. 😉

  3. A Reubnick quip? Don’t you mean a ReubQUIP? Hey-o! Bazinga!

    What more do you want from me, Nalts? I already wrote that review from the mysterious and elusive “Philip K. Jamal.” Nobody could give a crap what normal ol’ Reubnick has to say!

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