Death Left a Message. It Says It’ll Call Back Tomorrow.

You gotta love Scott at laughingsquid for curating the best .000000023 percent of the information super highway. Could you ask for finer entertainment then people narrowly averting death? It’s like that horrible “Faces of Death” that I watched as a teenager (and would later watch The Muppets to decompress). Only it’s all gonna be just fine…

But the techno music is enough to make our brow sweat. Deep breath. Think of the Swedish Chef.

13 Replies to “Death Left a Message. It Says It’ll Call Back Tomorrow.”

  1. I’ve heard The Dentist is a good movie. You should watch it and its sequel before you get your root canal in a couple of days.

  2. The one at 7:26 happened to me and my pal Al at an Arby’s only we were sitting when the car crashed in.

  3. Wait Marquis- let me get this straight. You were sitting at Arby’s and a car crashed…. and the limo and the call girls and drugs and poverty and homeless and a twisted familia. Dude you’re stronger than the weeds in my backyard, but I’d bet you’d be more interesting to smoke.

  4. I believe I put up still pictures I took of the car in the Arby’s kitchen and dining room a couple of years ago. On Flikr I think. I’ll look it up.

  5. I assumed there would be some music seemingly designed specifically to ruin a perfectly good video and hit the mute button first up. With the sound down it’s great- though there were moments of sadness when people who clearly deserved to die….lived. But that’s nitpicking on my part!

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