Liquid Paper Rewrites Advertising: Shoot the Bear

Choose your own adventure. A timeless mechanism for storytelling, and something easily delivered via video on YouTube (via annotations) for years. Now YOU can experience it with a bear.

So why is Tipp Ex (liquid paper whitener stuff) the first, or at least one of the firsts, to use it? Maybe because we don’t realize how easy it is. Even with a story that “branches,” it’s easy to bring the viewer back to a set course, while still allowing them to feel like it’s a totally customized story.

Check out this very engaging video, where you get to choose what you do with the bear. I’m guessing your first few choices are available… I tried eat, love, dance, fight, bang and finally poopy to see what a default would deliver. (Thanks to Chris/CnetAnthony at Media Beat and metafilter for pointing this ad out).

Given the not-safe-for-work language and accent, we’re assuming this was targeting the UK? The only thing I wish the ad provided was video views and a list of the videos it created. I’d be interested to see what gets the most views.

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  1. Clever idea, but choose your own adventure things always irritate me.

    I don’t know if I’m OCD about them or something, but I feel like I’m missing something unless I’ve seen all of the possible story lines.

  2. Funny that hamster image shows up in Nalts image searches. A few years ago, image searches for The WineKone had several images from my blog from posts that didn’t have anything to do with The WineKone just because of a couple video responses I had made.

  3. clever


    what bothered me most was the fake you tube flash player. I wasn’t able to control the volume; which was blaring, and I wasn’t able to stop the video – I felt tricked – I don’t think that helps the ad. I was so busy looking to stop or cut the volume I wasn’t listening to the story line.

    Perhaps that slight of hand make you look around the whole page to find the off button that you subconsciously see the product in the upper right.

    Also, there was no way to go to the actual channel and see all the optional videos – yes, I’m that spoiled by flash and you tube allowing me control, I have no patience –

    After a few suggestion in the box it loses it’s luster.

    The product isn’t for kids so I don’t know how many people will get past a few of the story lines in order to increase sales, perhaps enough for a new product and seeds planted for their cubical future.

    My limit was three and then I left.

  4. Spot on with this write-up, I actually suppose this web site needs far more consideration. I’ll most likely be again to learn far more, thanks for that info.

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