How to Be Popular on Facebook

Trying to become more popular on Facebook, or promote your Facebook channel, brand or page?

This short “how-to” instructional video contains everything you need to know about having a robust, quality base of friends on Facebook and other forms of social media. It was created by the accomplished author of “The Stupidest Article on Social Media Ever” so you know it’s advice worth following.

The trick here is to be totally transparent about your intent (to make loads of friends), yet not appear desperate. Appearing desperate in social media, my friends, is a turn-off. Hold your head up high, and people will be attracted to your charisma, leadership and wisdom.

Done watching? Get your ass over to Facebook and “like” this damned page, then send a friend request to Kevin “Nalts” Nalty because there’s a friggin’ cap at 5,000.

10 Replies to “How to Be Popular on Facebook”

  1. It doesn’t hurt to spend like $5 a day on facebook ads, either. They aren’t like YouTube video promos (where you’ll get a few hits but likely no one will watch due to not being what they are looking for); they actually result in people coming to your page and keeping it in their stream.

    I have a Facebook strategy in place now that seems to actually be resulting in growth in retained interaction. 1400 of my 2000 likes are active on my page a month, as compared to 10k of my 180k subscribers on YouTube and 2000 of my 5000 twitter followers.

    Yes, the overall number is a lot lower, but the percentage is a lot higher. I use my facebook page as a more “official” home than my twitter, which I use mainly for discovery and more active purposes (contests, interaction), whereas my FB page is for news and seeding links – thinks I do on twitter TOO but I only want 1-3 post a day showing up on FB.

  2. not appear desperate…. check! 🙂 Somehow a few of the folks commenting on your video missed the joke.

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