Ladies Like Social Media (proof in video). Why Not Online Videos?

Why are the ladies so busy on social media (see clip below) but not much on watching online videos? I have some theories but they’re crap. If you don’t share yours, I’ll not only share my crap theories I’ll make up fake facts to substantiate them.

Author: Nalts

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7 thoughts on “Ladies Like Social Media (proof in video). Why Not Online Videos?”

  1. I think not as many women watch online video for the same reason most women aren’t huge fans of the Three Stooges.

    Also, Facebook is evil and needs to die.

  2. hmm…

    I read that women need to say 10,000 more words per day than men.

    I think more women type than men, and faster.

    I think women are more insecure and less comfortable seeing their faces on camera. I think they would rather have a few nice pictures instead.

    I think women are more afraid of stalkers, cameras provide a visual. I think women are raised to live in fear of their safety.

    Generally speaking, I think deep down men see women as their mothers or as an object – Madonna or Whore – I think women see women as their foe or competition, unless they are suffering. That’s why there are few female comedians that anyone really likes. I can’t think of any I like or admire, can you?

    Culturally, I think we are used to and more comfortable with a lower sounding voice – Whose voice do you like more, Obama’s or Hillary’s? Look at the ratings between news men and women.

    The most successful female voices on the radio are low altos. The most successful male singers are tenors.

    BUT, the most pressing question that has yet to be answered is, if no one is around and Kevin farts in the forest does it still make a sound?

  3. But how do you convince businesses they need to spend on good video in the first place before they launch it into the social media landscape? It isn’t easy to create something compelling, and very few have the talent or the knowledge to do it themselves. People now think of creating video like they do taking photographs. Anyone can do it. But you wouldn’t hire anyone to photograph your wedding, why would one think they can create a compelling video on the cheap and market their business? (unless, of of course, you do have talent). How do you get people to think of you as their plumber (you would never question a plumbers hourly rate – $65 – $125 per hour depending upon where one lives).

  4. @jischinger:

    “I think women are more insecure and less comfortable seeing their faces on camera. I think they would rather have a few nice pictures instead.”

    I totally agree with this. Half the time nalts tries to point the camera at Jo, she is annoyed b/c she doesn’t have make-up on or thinks she looks bad b/c she just woke up. Men understand that they look the same all the time, whether its ugly, atrractive, or somewhere in between, so they’re more comfortable with being on video whenever.

  5. I spend all of my time checking my e-mail in the hopes that Nutcheese will forward the links for the porn she’s watching to me.

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