Boring People Suck

Boring people suck. I’m going to put that on a t-shirt to prove I thought of it.

If you don’t provide a funny comment below than you’re boring and you suck. Mind you that it would be better to try to be funny and fail than not to try again. I came up with that one too.

It’s best to stay away from anything about the cat. She’s just there for the amateurs, and we both know you’re better than that.

Before this blog post is over I’m going to provide more original thoughts and quips than Yogi Bear.

21 Replies to “Boring People Suck”

  1. Oh, come on, Nalts! You are putting us on the spot! Can I just link to a picture of me with a dog happily eating ice-cream on a picnic table? Would that work? I sure hope so, because it’s all I’ve got for you right now.

  2. “Hey Boo Boo! I think I see a picnic basket!”

    Oops, maybe you meant Yogi Berra… but I like Yogi Bear more!

  3. Very good. From cat videos about BP (I thought that last laugh would produce a hairball, which would have been funnier- but what do I know. Gorillas in wheelchair tanked). Also enjoyed the pharma exec clip Jack. I wonder what company? Sounds like one in West Point. Blood hurting, Mark? Last night we watched a Simpsons where Ralph made a sandwich made of Ralph (his hand) and when he bit it, he said it tasted hurty. Alexis- I often do than/then mixup but at least I get my its it’s and your you’re write, right? Where’s Marilyn. Sukatra’s limited to texting. And where the hell is nutcheese and zack? And Marquis? COmmon people.

  4. ShayCarl had his kids get into large ice chests in WalMart and that was mildly funny. I wonder if ice chests float in water. If they do, I wonder if they have a tendency to flip over or if they are stable. A demonstration on the seaworthiness of ice chests might be interesting and funny.

  5. If I did that to my cat he would crap in my shoes…then on the counter…then he would leave me little presents (of cat crap) along the path to the bathroom…ahem.. I’m 50 and have to feel my way to the jon two or three times a night…in the dark.. and it’s not a nice feeling kicking little kitty turds in the dark.

    Don’t judge..

  6. I’m busy clubbing bears, gophers and snakes in Frontiersville on Facebook.

    Why won’t this blog let me enter ANY website without blocking my post?

  7. the hair ball suggestion actually would have been perfect – but not sure the guy could have done that. – brb going to go watch it again –

    okay that was fun. I love the dichotomy between the low brow kitty and the concerned kitty – reason vs rascal – same means different ends.

    it’s good to know sukatra’s alive – too busy I guess to use a library computer to let people know.

    Kevin, now that you’ve had a week to digest your vidcon experience are you going to summarize it up for the crew?

    Alexis, what did you think?

  8. So I work at a bank’s customer service line helping do all sorts of bureaucrat type crap, and this was someone’s actual last name:

    I also had someone weird and creepy ask me as soon as I answered the phone,
    “I’m doing a survey for a school project. Do you have allergies? If so, do you sneeze? Would you describe your sneeze as a high-pitched squeek? Or more of a hoarse, loud squeek?”


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