iPhone4G Press Conference Parody

Oh hush. What it lacks in humor it makes up for in timeliness. Let’s see you put an iPhone4G in your butt for the Internet. Or drive into the backyard of some crazy person so you can get near a cell phone tower.

My favorite quote of Steve Jobs: .55 percent of iPhone4G users complained. Seriously? Common C’mon. I had prooblems (despite the video statement) but knew better than to sit on hold. Besides- I’m guessing the other 99% just dropped their call before Apple answered.

Well there are many things Apple does well, but damage control or issue management is not among them.

Yey free 2 cent bumper iPhone condoms and they’ll even honor that 30-day money back guarantee! Weeks later Jobs will be reporting that fewer than .55 percent of people felt like he didn’t do a perfect job handling this issue, so if you thought otherwise, you’d better log your complaint.

2 Replies to “iPhone4G Press Conference Parody”

  1. I was surprised that they’re actually giving away bumpers. After all the bragging and non-sequitur rambling about their super fancy testing facilities and stuff, they more or less did the right thing.

    Are you happy with your iPhone, Kevin? Do you plan on keeping it?

  2. Who else but Steve Jobs could come out with an over priced piece of crap in the middle of a depression?

    What a legacy. Is there anyone else who could actually make Bill Gates look good?

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