Viacom Loses Lawsuit Against YouTube. But Will Get You Next Time.

Yeah Viacom lost that lawsuit against YouTube.

Says da judge: Because Google complies with any request from copyright holders to remove infringing content from YouTube it cannot be held liable itself for those infringements. Only in specific instances of failing to remove copyright-infringing content would YouTube be unable to claim safe harbour; mere knowledge of copyright infringement occurring on its service is not enough for YouTube to be culpable for that infringement.

Viacom executives had this to say (click for video).

4 Replies to “Viacom Loses Lawsuit Against YouTube. But Will Get You Next Time.”

  1. the only question is, if google youtube will violate their TOS and give your information to Viacom so they can sue you.

    People seem to forget that little bit of info that came out in the trial – Google saves and stores everything.

  2. I’ve said it many times, and I will say it again. I am fully convinced there is not a more evil entity in all of America than Viacom. Hands down.

    Now, I have put us all in danger.

    I feel like I’ve made that joke before. Sorry, it’s hard to keep track of my Viacom bashing.

  3. Viacom will appeal. Sad but true. The good news is that the higher you go on the judicial food chain the more difficult it is to win your point. Until you get to the Supremes where all you can do is argue esoteric points of law. Good for Google and the rest of us media trolls.

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