How to Hold Your New iPhone4G to Avoid Antenna & Reception Problem

Steve Jobs called it a “non-issue,” but MacWorld did some digging on the widely reported issue: if you hold an iPhone4G in the wrong place you may cover the antenna and have poor reception.

We at WillVideoForFood also did some digging, and found a creative way to hold your iPhone to ensure clear reception. You’ll need a bluetooth headset, though, unless your voice carries.

How to hold the iPhone4G to ensure maximum reception

5 Replies to “How to Hold Your New iPhone4G to Avoid Antenna & Reception Problem”

  1. I have a few comments I would like to make on this pic.

    1. Cool!!!!! I’ve always wanted a phone that vibrates!
    2. Talk about a crappy phone!
    3. Awesome! Now I can watch YouTube videos on my iPhone with smell-o-vision!

    All in all, a nice solution to a problem that Apple is so far just poo pooing. 😀

  2. Are you suffering from explosive diarrhea?
    What’s with all the posting today?
    Is this what the new iphone does when you use your ass as an antena?

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