Uploading Video to YouTube Via Phone: iPhone vs Palm Pre

Here’s my wife and I testing her iPhone (AT&T) against my Palm Pre (Verizon) to see which one could shoot and upload best to YouTube. Turns out my Palm Pre failed to post after an hour, so I had to do it manually. Her iPhone compressed the video, and had it live in minutes. Winner: iPhone.

Play them both at the same time for some interesting perspective…

Palm Pre (unclenalts). Slightly better quality, but never uploaded from phone… had to use laptop.

iPhone (wifeofnalts): Compressed and not as sharp, but it worked.

8 Replies to “Uploading Video to YouTube Via Phone: iPhone vs Palm Pre”

  1. Thanks for the demo. The Palm Pre video (which is 20 seconds longer) paused twice early on to rebuffer, but the iPhone never did. However, the Palm Pre looked better. Jo’s was washed out and blurrier, especially noticeable when you two come back together at the end.

  2. Hey Nalts the Palm Pre rocks! I just got one and have exponentially upgraded my life!!! I couldn’t even text before, now I’m living through my phone. I’ll never be lost, without information, or forget anything ever again as long as I:
    1. have the phone
    2. have a signal and/or wifi connection
    3. have a charged battery/power cord with electric/computer
    4. actually use the phone when I need it
    So basically own a Palm Pre and you’re a Superhero!

  3. Her teeth are still freakishly white either way.

    Wegman’s ginger ale? I mean, your bill was $500. And you bought those little French cookies. It’s OK–you can pay an extra $.14 and get the Canada Dry.

  4. This is one of the most interesting things you’ve ever done. I got the videos to sync perfectly And I somehow followed both of your conversations when you were away from each other.

    I’d love to see you expand on this.

  5. Yours definitely looks better. I tried uploading from my Incredible last night, and it still hasn’t uploaded. Don’t know why.

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