New Disclosure & Transparency Code for Social Media

Social media pioneers have long advocated honesty, disclosure, bacchanalianility, transparency and authenticity.

Today the world’s most widely read blog that is called WillVideoForFood announced a new short URL you bloggers, social-media whores and YouTube stars can use conveniently… It’s as follows:

Sellout? Yeah I sellded owt beeatch so what ya gonna do?

I probably ought to have come up with that code in June 2007 when I made this video featuring the fictional “CashToBuzz,” inspired by appauling businesses that would pay bloggers to review companies and products favorably. And yes, we were really chased out of a mall.

Just remember kids… it’s only pimping if I’m not in on the deal. And it’s only wrong when you pimp opaquely. Or forget your bacchanalianility.

6 Replies to “New Disclosure & Transparency Code for Social Media”

  1. Bacchanality… I have’t heard that word since the aftermath of parties in 1999!

    Speaking of nostalgia again… Kevzor, did you give up on

  2. That’s real viral marketing but they should also be getting people to join cash to buzz. Some kind of pyramid scheme you know. Where they get a small percentage of their recruit’s earnings.

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