3 Replies to “Video Montage: Best of 1980s Bullies”

  1. I feel nostalgic now. My glasses are steaming, my lack of muscular structure trembling, my nose becoming an oozy spring again…

    …NOT! I was one of the those big cool guys who used nerds for toilet seats, toilet paper, toilet newspaper, toilet flushing water and as a toilet clogger if I had a really loaded day!

  2. I vividly remember that one occasion, it was in our younger years before I bought my chick magnet cabrio as the first stud in school. You thought you could outsmart my brutish muscular self and prevent me from giving you a goodbye buttkick off the bus which made you roll out instead of stepping out… it was so good I decided to turn that one into an integral part of the goodbye protocol!

    But that wasn’t nearly as fun as the time when you had an arm and a leg broken (due to another locker mishap), trying to walk out with those crutches… oh how those things flew in the air! BANG!

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