Play Cards With the Richest Deck: Financial Terrorists

Surely you remember the deck of “most wanted terrorist playing cards.” Now our very own Jan has come up with The Financial Terrorist card deck. Who wouldn’t want a deck of these on their table? Talk about a conversation starter… that might ultimately end up with a finished box of red wine, some cursing and tears of joy that our faces aren’t on the deck. 🙂

Parenthetically, Jan is looking for a partner to print and distribute this brilliant concept. Contact her via the blog…

Who's Your Favorite Financial Terrorist? Go Fish.

6 Replies to “Play Cards With the Richest Deck: Financial Terrorists”

  1. Great idea… But there are so many candidates… How’d you settle on just 52?

    Unless, of course, you plan on developing 6-deck shoes for distribution in Las Vegas casinos…

  2. thanks gang and thanks Nalts you’re all the kings and queens of awesome!

    Slater it was a tough choice, took hours of deliberation and I had help from some wicked crazy people who eat sleep and drink this stuff – they’re mentioned in the faq – future editions will probably change for all those who inspire to be up and coming cronies.

    Maryland thanks. will put aside a limited time collector’s edition

    Peter thanks man, they will make great stocking stuffers! I hope you’ll play some of the suggested games and that they enhance your youtube income

    hey nutchees, just hold on to that dollar, it’ll come in handy in the bathroom soon enough 😉

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