“If You Don’t Quit, You Can’t Fail” -NickyNik

We Gotta Get Buscemi,” a film by YouTube legacy NickyNik, will be debuted June 4, 2010, at the Dances With Films festival. NickyNik’s trailer is the first video he’s posted since the days before YouTube had high definition or Spotlighted videos. You youngsters may recall those days where names like Boeheem, Emalina and Renetto drew mouths agape like the name LonelyGirl15 would years later.

Congratulations, NickyNik, who I met at YouTube’s NYC 777 event and who also appeared in “I Want My Three Minutes Back.” You, sir, are the definition of unyielding persistence (see also NickyNik2). You may remember a script floating around called “The Dead Man.”

The cast includes LisaNova, Renetto, Jason Acuna (Wee Man), and Danny Trejo. Not sure if Charles Trippy made it, but I thank him for help getting me some part… I can’t remember if I dropped the ball, or NickyNik gave up on me. In fact I can’t remember the part or the script, but I do recall a person wearing a hot dog outfit. I was hoping for that part because… hey who doesn’t want to wear a hotdog outfit?

Still, what a motley crew, wouldn’t you say?

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  1. Would you believe I was just actually thinking about if this film would ever come to fruition, and it looks like it just about has. That’s good. Unfortunately, the trailer actually looks pretty bad, and I doubt I will ever see this movie, but it’s still good that it is finished.

    Besides, I doubt that the whole Steve Buschemi thing would ever prove to be so difficult anyway. I myself and my friend literally called Danny Devito’s manager one night to ask if we could crash at Danny’s house for Vidcon, easy as pie. Isn’t Steve Bushemi kind of washed up these days anyway? Agh, I don’t know.

  2. Nalts, I really wish the answer was yes, but unfortunately Danny’s manager said no, and refused to personally ask Danny Devito himself. It was worth a try, but it was all for naught. Haha. We called Bill Murray’s manager as well, but he never got back to us. What a fun evening that was.

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