Sell Your Video B-Roll Online

Are you a b-roll hoarder? Have hundreds of videos of quality HD video content that’s rotting away in your closet?

Thanks to “10 More New Ways to Make Money Online,” here’s a tip…
If you’re a digital video fanatic, turn your high-quality b-roll into bucks using stock imaging sites that also carry video footage like Pond5, iStockPhoto Video and Pixelflow. You get to set your price, set your terms, and add this new revenue stream to your income.

Having tried to find cheap footage (in my case of a golf ball rolling into a hole), I found the options on Getty One cost prohibitive. Three forces will make this marketplace boom:

  • Need for more inexpensive video content to serve diverse online mediums and target markets.
  • Declining market budgets put pressure on original production.
  • Amateurs can produce near pro quality without high barriers to entry.

Just don’t forget… you may need to compete with these guys. Because THEY’VE got that b-roll.

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