The Kids Like Their Fat Reverend… And the Ads Even Better

Say what you will about this vulgar vlogger, the kids find him funny (see stats in chart below). I ran into him while discovering that my “accident face” video ranked high in most-popular comedy.

I’ll now coin this RKV: road-kill viewing. You may wish you weren’t watching, but you know you can’t not watch it. But it certainly makes you want to look at the 300×250, eh? Bring on the Jillian avatar.

Not safe for work (NSFW), and I hope my kids don’t find this. Did you ever write a blog post that you just KNOW is going to get chopped and used by spam blogs?

ReverendBurns appeals to the YouTube kids.

And here’s a picture of the video with an ad of a hot woman…

Never before has an eye so swiftly moved to the adjacent advertisement.

6 Replies to “The Kids Like Their Fat Reverend… And the Ads Even Better”

  1. I love Reverend Burn, he started on BlogTV.

    He could be alot worse, personalty wise I mean 🙂

  2. a bit vulgar, but his topics are interesting. I can see why the kids like him, he’s loaded with angst.

    Underneath it all I think he’s rather thoughtful (see get a job). There’s no doubt he’s been teased and discriminated against, but he’s found a way to deal with his weight and anger via youtube.

  3. and this just popped up

    MONDAY, May 3 (HealthDay News) — For kids, a few extra pounds may invite trouble from the schoolyard bully.

    New research suggests that just being overweight increases the risk of being bullied. And factors that usually play a role in the risk of being bullied, such as gender, race and family income levels, don’t seem to matter if you’re overweight — being overweight or obese trumps all those other factors when it comes to aggressive behavior from other children.

    more power to him

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