Viral Hits: Floating House, Simpson’s Tik Tok Intro, Better Marriage Blanket

Which video will you remember when you’re showering tomorrow morning?

1) The White Lane for PassingĀ and Loading. The Right Lane is for Floating Houses (a house floats down the highway faster than cars… it’s made of wood after all).

2) While we’re stealing from “Viral Video Chart,” here’s the short-lived Simpsons opening based on the ominpresent Tik-tok. Per the description, “no copy right intended.”

3) Ohhhhhwwww. almost forgot the hot chick. Here’s a screen shot from “Better Marriage Blanket.” Yeah this isn’t a parody actually. It’s a friggin blanket that claims to absorb fart smells. Hey, I give ’em credit. They began with a unique insight and consumer need, and portrayed the benefit without overpromising one bit.

Hot woman courtesy of "Better marriage blanket."
The ad promises "The Better Marriage Blanket" will absorb farts. This ad might as well say, "Peter Coffin please parody me."

6 Replies to “Viral Hits: Floating House, Simpson’s Tik Tok Intro, Better Marriage Blanket”

  1. Seriously? Nobody has commented on this? Is everyone working or something? Is there a party nobody told me about?

  2. Snap! I was too late. “This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.”
    And I’m too unmotivated to find an alternate version.

  3. I live in Nashville and it is a DISASTER. Please donate to the Red Cross or the Hope Clinic for Women,, where I work with the Hispanic population heavily hit by the devastation. Thanks, Mathilde (Nalts’ sister, not stalker)

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