Hard Being on “Gay Leprechaun” Video

It’s hard being in a gay leprechaun video. Oh- not that hard. The “difficult” hard. Not the seedy part: shooting your part in a SanFran hotel room with filmmaker and actor Greg Benson (Mediocrefilms). Sure it felt like we were shooting a porn, but again- that wasn’t the hard part.

Here’s what’s hard. NOT meeting Matt Sloan and watching him shoot his part. Greg was on the phone with Matt to discuss various lines and shots, but I had no communication with him. Presumably he was reading up on stem cell research in Madison or Wisconsin or a similar state. And I’m a big Sloan fan — from his standup comedy (stewardess: that guy’s not going to use our first-class bathroom is he?) to his better known work as creator and voice of Chad Vader (see series here).

It’s friggin’ hard to co-star in “Gay Leprechaun” (the new “Retarded Policeman”) with a funny bastard like Sloan, especially he’s your BFF and doesn’t know it. You see, Sloan and I developed a parasocial relationship when I watched Sloan’s “Tomato mouth video.” He doesn’t know me, and perhaps has never seen me in a video until this one. But we’re virtual BFFs, damnit.

I wonder if I’ll ever get to squeeze him in person while he’s singing Cher.

3 Replies to “Hard Being on “Gay Leprechaun” Video”

  1. Ah, it’s good to see that Louie Anderson has gotten work as a Gay leprechaun.

    OOOh, that was really mean of me. I apologize to him!

    I wasn’t aware that Madison had acquired statehood, by the way. You’d think that, living out here, I would have heard about it. It was probably overshadowed in the news by Bob Uecker’s heart surgery, which IS very important, don’t get me wrong. Let’s just hope Sheboygan doesn’t become a state next. It’s already enough of a joke by just being a county! BAM! Ouch! Take that, Sheboyganites! You punks and your sleazy, sexually aggressive drunkard mayor!

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