WSJ Steals Another of My Stories (Annoying Orange)

Thanks to iJustine’s Twitter for alerting me to the 9th article the Wall Street Journal (Annoying Orange) has stolen from me without credit. Seriously, people. Find your own news. Go search Google news or ask an intern to scour some morning shows.

The Wall Street Journal, Once a Breaker of News, Steals Another WillVideoForFood Story

9 Replies to “WSJ Steals Another of My Stories (Annoying Orange)”

  1. Bastards…. Mashable does that a lot with mine. Also – it seems that google steals all the ideas I have in my head.

  2. Man, everybody keeps stealing my ideas.
    I should stop publishing my “here are my ideas for videos, books, movies, songs, and everything else you could possibly want” list.

  3. There’s no doubt that you do good work and it just goes to show you that even super big deals like the WSJ are checking in on what Nalts thinks is newsworthy from time to time. It might have been one of their interns who subscribed to your YT Channel and picked up an idea from there. There’s no arguing that you are kind of a big deal 🙂

  4. your hamster video is not cool i highly suggest that you take it off or return the hamster to the pet store before some one reports an animal abuse that was disturbing and that leash was tuff on that little mouse. i think that security gaurd should have caught you !

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