Nalts Appears on “The Retarded Policeman”

Oh sweet. I found a bootlegged copy of Naltz (me) on “The Retarded Policeman” by MedlOcre FlLm$ and P0nce. Note how I use obscure charactes to spell this so they’re copyright police don’t find this post. The episode was removed due to a conflict over the ownership of this episode (which was written by ponce’s wonderful brother $cott and produced by Gr@g Ben$0n.

Thank goodness for South African Tube or whatever site this is.

8 Replies to “Nalts Appears on “The Retarded Policeman””

  1. You should get the DVD that has it so you’ll still have it if the copyright police find this version.

  2. That east africa tube site is an attack/trojan spreading site – as reported by Avast antivirus. Just thought i’d let you know.

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