You Suddenly Want a Mobile Home

I didn’t think I wanted or needed a mobile home until I saw this. But I might just drive a few days to get one of these used, Cullman liquidation mobile homes… because of this absolutely candid, brilliant and real advertisement. Sure there’s a shot that looks like potential blood stains on a floor that are “covered up,”  but the hot chick, whip & vulture sounds, badass dialogue, and the chainsaw made up for that.

Brought to you by the brillianty talented Rhett and Link, who keep raising the bar and jumping over it. And sponsored by Microbilt in what might be the most effective online-video campaign for a small business ever. Why? It’s entertaining. What other possible way could Microbilt reach people so broadly? Sure, only a small portion of them will be qualified Microbilt candidates, but with a net this size, you can have lots of holes in it… and still bring home some tuna.

Put that on your brag book, Microbilt and Rhett & Link. You’re still bringing home some tuna. See more at, which is bound to catch some media attention buy (with Rhett and Link’s rapidly growing fan base) doesn’t need it. There’s a whole suite of them, and they’re sweet.

Author: Nalts

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7 thoughts on “You Suddenly Want a Mobile Home”

  1. Love Rhett and Link and this series. I’ve seen them all. While I don’t fart while watching them, as Nutcheese does (doesn’t she fart while doing everything?), I too giggle when I watch them.

  2. I think what Microbilt and R&L are doing for small businesses is awesome..for entertainment and local economic reasons. It’s so cool to see guys like R&L using their strengths (and hilarity, i love being a mythical beast) to give small time business owners a shot at some serious exposure. As well as something for even a local community to get behind. @Nalts you’re in their too helping to spread the word and even the work you do here…it’s kind of a big deal 🙂

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