Even Water Heater Installations Can Be Interesting

Leave it to Greg Benson (mediocrefilms) to make a water-heater installation interesting… with sophomoric pranks and a bikini dancer. And Fast Water Heater stumbles into more effective use of online video than many leading consumer-packaged goods, hotel and technology brands. I spoke with Benson last night, and he wasn’t paid for this. But as a marketer, I’d estimate it’s value at $10K plus.

See folks. You don’t need a huge agency, creative brief and media buy to distinguish your brand or small business online. Just a little luck… having a customer with a camera, sense of humor, and a big audience on YouTube. Oh- I heard you like baby and cat videos.

7 Replies to “Even Water Heater Installations Can Be Interesting”

  1. now that yt’s working again…

    this was pretty good – nice editing and best of all the plumbers were good sports and remained professional throughout – I’d hire these guys!

    If they have a website they’d be crazy not to use this video as a promotional tool.

  2. @1 I wish I could tumbnail whore
    @2 They’re not what they’re all cracked up to be..
    @3 I think that Both Benson and Rhett and Link have proven that online video is a great outlet for small local business. More focused and if done correctly can get a lot more attention.

    I’m going to start banging on doors Monday to see if I can sell some crazy home made internet commercials to the local Ma and Pop stores. 😉

  3. OK, I, yes, I, actually “LOL”ed when the birthday song came on. Sounded like our sister, Jennifer 😉

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